Mini acrylic led letter signs

Acrylic LED letters / Acrylic Mini LED letters / Illuminated Acrylic letters

They are widely used in many places (Shop name signs,guiding signs,brand logo signs,stations)

*Integral thickness: 15-30mm thickness

*Color temperature: 10000K, 6500K, 4500K, 3000K

*Luminous direction: Front or side light

*Surface: Mirror, brush, silk printing, film sticker

*Lighting color: White, green, blue, yellow, red, pink

*Size limit: 30mm–1000mm high

*Stroke limit: The thinnest stroke 8mm*

*Flame painting: Imported lacquer painting, optional colors
Warranty: 5 years for letters, 3 years for LED

Production time: 7-8 working days

Kinhae Signs offers design for our customers ! We have what you need.
1. Mini LED Channel Letter consists of 3 parts: surface panel, back panel and LED illuminant. Surface panel is made of high polymer acrylic, from which a back groove with a 3d slopeon the surface is cut out with engraving machines.
2. LED illuminant is fitted inside the groove of acrylic surface panel.
3. A Mini LED Channel Letter is completed with a laser cut acrylic back panel sealing the surface panel groove.
4. Usually the slopes of the surface panel are painted to form a face-halo-lit effect.
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