Acrylic edge-lit Signs

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Acrylic edge-lit Signs / Solid Acrylic side-lit Letters / Illuminated Acrylic Signs and letters



Materials & Specification
* Front, sides, backing are totally made of acrylic

* Waterproof LED stripe inside.

* Luminous direction: Side lighting

* Stroke limit: The thinnest stroke 12mm

* Size limit: The smallest size 100mm high

* Acrylic color: White, blue, yellow, green, red

* LED Lighting color: White, blue, yellow, green, red

* Color temperature: 10000K, 6500K, 4500K, 3000K

* Installation method: By pins or by glue

Warranty: 5 years for letters, 3 years for LED

Production time: 8 working days




1. All the letters would be made strongly and nicely.

2. All the letters would be clean. No dent, no bump.

3. All the letters would light up properly and lighting effect is good. No shadow, no dots

4. All the letters would be no stracthes, no dirt.

5. All the letters have 100cm long electric cables

6. “Meanwell” brand transformers would comply with your standards

7. The back-up LED would be sent in case of emergency.

The Illuminated Acrylic Letters manufactured by us are available for interior and exterior signage.
Easy to install with an installation pattern