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LED Face-lit and Halo-lit letters / Double-sided LED Channel letters



-The great way to attract more clients
-Easy to be installed by pins


Basic Information:

*Stroke limit: 25mm wide
*Size limit: 150mm-1000mm high.
*Lumious direction: front light and back light
*Color temperature: 10000K, 6500K, 4500K, 3000K
*Illuminated color: white, yellow, red, green, blue, pink.


Signs Materials:

-Acrylic face, the face color could be optional.
-Rim and returns are made of stainless steel. The color could be brushed, mirror, electroplating or painted
-The backs would be acrylic. The thickness is thicker than 5mm (0.2″)
-The depth could be customized. The widely thickness is 90mm (3.54″)
-Brand LEDs inside
Acrylic color: white, yellow, red, green, blue, pink.


Warranty: 5 years for letters, 3 years for LED